How powerful are the platforms in the world of 4.0 or 5G/4G?

In the world of 4.0 or high-speed internet connections, platforms are playing a central role. The breakthrough with smartphones is the development of Apps. More and more customers are using smartphones and finding it comfortable to order a Taxi with “my taxi” and “Hailo”. Around 70 million passengers in a year have been able to be approached through the App function. Via the platforms, 100,000 drivers are registered in 50 cities where they offer their service on a large scale.

Uber and Ola can also be seen as a major player in creating the new business model of running shared taxi or connected cars. Via the platforms, drivers can be easily tracked down, security to the passengers where their locations can be tracked. Money- Fraud with tourist or passengers have been reduced. In spite of it, during the peak demands of the day, the service is not optimized. There are certain regions in the cities were due to the lack of customers, hard to get taxi provider.

Apple is also planning to invest more than $1billion in platform-based Taxi service. Google, Amazon, and eBay are some major players in the market and challenged by Alibaba from China. The powerful application is playing a major role using connections in the e-commerce market where the world seems so small and can get deliverables from any part of the world.  Echo launched by Amazon where the voice is used for controlling the heating, lighting, and windows. The digital extensions also help provide the customers with more solutions needed in day to day work.

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