What is the importance of hydrogen e-mobility in BMW?

One of the planned models in BMW is fuel cell power plants working with hydrogen. In particular, pure electric battery cars along with electric plug-in hybrids are a strong focus- BMW market.

As speculated, a new model X5 from BMW hydrogen car series is going to get launched by 2022. As per the Automotive news, they are focusing on producing fuel cells in collaboration with Toyota. The second generation of hydrogen models is in pilot production as a beginning project. The planned first series of SUV are X6 and X7.

The cost of the fuel cell has been targeted as a major factor for the demand of cars running on battery power. The price has been a major factor in the automotive industry where the competitive countries are finding solutions to counteract it through low-cost production plants in emerging countries or joint ventures where the cost can be shared. The battery technology has been considered as a major player in cutting down the cost in most of the manufacturing plant.

So, BMW is planning to align the price level with the production of thousands of hydrogen vehicles by 2025 based on fuel cell technology. The targeted market is the light and commercial vehicles in the passenger sector as strict emission regulations can be achieved only with electrification.

Source:- https://www.bmwgroup.com/en/innovation/technologies-and-mobility/electro-mobility.html


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