Which connectors are suitable for electric and hybrid vehicle platforms?

As we can see through the latest trends, electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles are not just conquering the roads but the outreach has been spread across the continents. As per the strategic analysts from Molex, a special demand has been placed for the connectors and new test profiles are required.

As of today, the electric and hybrid vehicles are defined from pure electric vehicles to a fuel-driven generator electric vehicle such as range extender. They are usually from petrol or diesel-powered hybrid vehicles or vehicles with start-stop technology and recuperative breaks.

The connectors like MX123 with CMC and customer-specific hybrid connectors are usually a wide range from Molex. Mostly used in engine and transmission control units in vehicles. CCP i.e. Customer Convenience Port, HS-Autolink, MOST, Fakra connectors, flexible copper circuits, and FFC/FPC connectors are widely used in vehicle entertainment electronics.

The power supply, high-speed audio systems, video displays, CD and DVD players and navigation devices are optimized by CCP and HS-Autolink. MX150, Stac64, Mini-Fit H2O, and MOX connectors are suitable for brake and transmission modules as well as steering controls.

The high-temperature applications under the hood and in the chassis, the area is improved with MX150 where it meets the automotive industry.

Source:- https://www.all-electronics.de/


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