How energy efficiency can be important in Artificial Intelligence?

Around 2035, the general expectations of Artificial Intelligence are to make lives much easier and support us in providing a better decision within the aspect of our lives. The major challenge in this area is to ensure the reality of our vision.

Intelligence to be distributed correctly is also an important thing where AI can be implemented effectively. In large centralized data centers, all intelligence is concentrated on an appropriate option. Self-propelled cars are certainly the scenarios where real-time decisions are made and rapid anticipation is necessary for many events.

The intelligence about the components like sensors is not possible to move, as the battery’s storage capacities are quite limited. At the edge of the network, the intelligence can be placed.

At the network edge, if an intelligence placing ensures that streams of excessive data are not flowing over the network where a large amount of energy and bandwidth are required then the need for continuous increase in energy efficiency in our networks is provided with enabled sustainable AI applications with a factor of 10 to 100.

The solution is possible with designing of the circuits and technologies that can be optimized by better compression methods.

Source:- Elektronik Praxis


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