Is fast acquisition of measurement data an intelligent solution?

With an intelligent coupling, R+W offers a smart alternative to a torque transducer. It measures various sizes with high measuring accuracy and remains cost-effective. The intelligent sensor technology enables data measurements without the need to install an external measuring amplifier.

Another advantage is the small installation space required by the coupling for installation since no complex auxiliary construction is necessary for installation. The intelligent coupling can be quickly and easily mounted in the drive train and integrated into existing systems. Alternatively, the sensor system can also be retrofitted in an already installed clutches.

The combinable, time-dependent measured variables can be used, among other things, to achieve a better assessment and transparency of the dynamic behavior in the rotating drive train. By determining torques and forces, downtimes and downtimes can be reduced or prevented, among other things, in order to increase the plant availability and reliability. By 2020 new introduction of further models with integrated sensor technology following the intelligent multi-plate clutches can be seen but the full potential is far from being exhausted. The new functions and various algorithms for evaluating the measured data ensure that the clutch will be even smarter.


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