What is the global market potential for autonomous vehicles?

The revenue model of the autonomous vehicle is something revolutionizing the current market with increasing demand in automotive suppliers. In the following charts, the global market potentiality for autonomous car components, global automotive radar market size, and the projected number of operated autonomous vehicles in US is shown.

Source:- Goldman Sachs; Statista (study_id28221_driverless-cars-statista-dossier)
Source:- Mirae Asset; Statista (study_id28221_driverless-cars-statista-dossier)
Source:- Statista (study_id28221_driverless-cars-statista-dossier) ; IHS

In my opinion, the projection shows the acceptance of new innovation among the consumers and depicts a positive approach towards the interaction between the new technological innovation and also the consumers. However, is it possible that a part of society likes to become dependent on the robotic environment where they are just taken care of without any movement or hardwork? Is it aiming to divide society into a different class where the aim of bridging the gap of inequality becoming a far object to grasp? We are talking about luxury cars and it is not everyone’s cup of tea, so, is the type of vehicle segment going to introduce a new world of showing the status and how wealthy are they?

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