How the hybrid vehicles playing a major role in Finland?

We all know that having a pure electric vehicle means to take the risk of being stuck on the road with a mile long to charge the vehicle or ending up to wait for longer time to charge the vehicle. So, considering the options and trying to protect the environment and have the benefits of Eco car models, hybrid cars are somehow scoring the limelight.

The problem in the shortage of charging stations can be seen with approximately, 913 stations across 324 locations. In Finland, the Hybrid sales are rounded up to 11,067 units and sales of electric cars are 502 units in 2017. On one charge, the Renault Zoe EV can cover up to 400 kilometers but winter can be challenging to meet the limit. With a smaller number of charging stations being installed across the region, makes it much more tough.

In the following graph, analysis has been shown:-

In my opinion, with steady improvement in the charging infrastructure, the numbers can be improved. With a greater number of benefits or new Governmental schemes are announced where entrepreneurship can be encouraged then I hope there will be a rise in the number of charging stations. Once the security is achieved in having a nearby charging station, the increase in a pure electric vehicle can also be noticed.

Source:- MARKETLINE, Statista (Hybrid & Electric Cars in Finland).

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