What is the investment growth rate for Brazil and India in renewable energy sector?

The two emerging countries, India and Brazil, one from Asia and another from South America, being the torch-bearer of the emerging countries and showing the path to be among the world leaders, but do they hold a stand to be among the strong leaders. One of the important goals in today’s sustainable environment is renewable energy. The greater number of investments, the more sustainable solutions.

The growth rate of the new investments in renewable energy during the period from 2013 to 2017: –

Source:- Bloomberg, UNEP, FS- UNEP Collaborating Centre
Source:- Bloomberg, UNEP, FS- UNEP Collaborating Centre

If we compare, there has been a slight decline in Brazil with respect to India in the year2015 and 2016. However, in 2017, Brazil made a comeback as compare to India with a hike of 7.14% growth rate whereas India’s growth rate is only 3.85%. Also, there has been a steady investment in India whereas the investment in Brazil was not so steady. The growth shows the potential.

But do you like to know if the investment is continued in the same manner, how the growth rate will be forecasted till 2023 in the renewable energy sector?

The forecast shows a steady growth rate if the investments are made annually in the same manner whereas Brazil is forecasted with a good hike, i.e. 23.85% by 2023.

Source:- Clean technology investments globally

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