What global investment is going on in wind and solar energy technologies?

The two major investment can be seen in the wind and solar energy technologies. The sustainable energy investment from the last 10 years shows a linear rise in the investment for wind energy as compared to solar energy.

Source:- Bloomberg, UNEP, FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre

As we can observe a smooth amount of investment in wind energy but the amount invested is more in case of solar energy technologies.

The annual growth rate shows the comparison between solar and wind energy technology, the investment percentage in wind has been in smaller positive percentage whereas in solar sector it is up and down.

In my opinion, the global investment is somehow attracting the solar sector more in terms of larger amount but there is a gradual increase in wind. Moreover, if you compare both the technologies then wind is much more dependent about the right position and also related to space and area as compare to solar energy.

Source:- Statista (Clean technology investments globally)

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