How AI can amplify Inequality?

The promising feature of AI is no doubt, a technology that is not bound to just one sector but the fruits of its advancement and exploration can improve agriculture, medicine, and also education. But the speculation with AI is that the platform provides the potentiality of a pattern related to entrenching and amplifying the social inequality.
It has been observed about a particular case from the U.S. that illustrates the biased system against women through job recruiting tools. Racist discrimination issues with Latins and African American borrowers in credit algorithms.

The biased attitude regarding race, gender, and/or sexual orientation in the analysis system of sentiments. The natural language processing technologies or datasets of photos that can be used for training the image recognition software to affect historically disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable groups in a disproportionate manner.

In my opinion, situations and circumstances show the exploitation and the capability of amplifying inequality among race and gender. In consideration of the facts of inequality, AI proving to be a lethal weapon that can be used legally.

Source:-  Global AI Ethics: A Review of the Social Impacts and Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence.

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