How is the scenario of Alternative drive system in Germany?

In 2019, surveys by KBA, indicated the comparison between different drive system. Among them, Hybrid is seen to be the most desired as compare to full electric with the highest number of new car registrations.

Source:- KBA

In another survey, the number of electric car in different brands has been displayed with Renault being the most chosen among the passenger car segments. The results of the surveys are from 2019.

In my opinion, somehow the cost is playing a major role in choosing the electric car, and with Hybrid, the customer’s choice is being highlighted whether it is for covering more mileage, easy options to charge the vehicle, lacking the infrastructure with more charging stations. The survey results show the behavior of the market as per the customer’s buying pattern and their decisions. Do you think the scenario can be different for BMW or Renault in the coming years?

Source:- Statista

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