Who are the major players in electric vehicle market in Germany?

From last two years, the competitions in the electric vehicle market is rising high, the business domain is becoming a profitable scheme and even adhering the sustainable development goals. The added advantage of alternative driving vehicles are handling the environmental issues on a large scale but also satisfying the travel convenience. However, the starting phase, was not so smooth but as the demand started rising and the acceptance among the customer attitude showed a positive wave in the business model for a good revenue generation. More and more design and new models with updated version can be seen in the production of the electric vehicle market.

Source:- T&E
Source:- T&E

The survey result shows the comparison between the year 2019 and 2020 in Germany. The result indicated inclusion of two more electric vehicle company within a span of a year. All the electric vehicle manufacturer doubling up the numbers in a year and even though Volkswagen was included in a scandal related to environmental issues, is proving themselves to be a strong contender in the electric vehicle segment with increase number of electric vehicle models.

Source:- T&E

The future plan also shows a steady rise in the electric vehicle segment.

In my opinion, the results shows the promising turning point in terms of transportation and the vehicle convenience. The present generation and the choices are creating a vision of future that we can have a glimpse about in terms of development and enhancement. As we peek into the future, not just our fashion choice or the style of commodity but also the buying power will change as per the necessity. The electric mode of travelling not only opened doors for new ideas and conceptions to a world running on batteries and becoming more interconnected but opportunities for making a conscious choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Source:- Statista.

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