How far are we from carbon dioxide emissions across the world?

One of the goals of handling air pollutions is to eliminate carbon dioxide and be free from it completely so that planet can be saved and preserved. Climate change has become one of the biggest hurdles to tackle and countable measures have been considered in the form of policies or goals. But are we able to solve the issues intelligently?

As per a survey conducted by EIA, the global CO2 emission in 2018 was 35.32 billion metric tons, estimated to rise to 38.82 billion metric tons in 2040 and 43.08 billion metric tons by 2050. The reasons cited for such calamities are extreme weather conditions such as heatwaves in summer or winter which are harsh due to more heating. One of the largest contributions to CO2 emissions has been identified is by the energy sector due to the burning of fossil fuels. One of the largest emitters in the energy-related emissions in the world is China where the efforts have been put in the reduction of fossil fuel combustion but the energy demand is still increasing.

The growth rate per annum of CO2 emission in 2019 was recorded 0.5% compared to last year, out of which OECD countries are -2.9%, Non- OECD countries are 2.4% and European Union were recorded as -3.9%.

Source:- BP Statistical review of world energy 2020

In my opinion, Asia pacific being one of the largest continents containing two of the most populated countries is not doubt becomes the top emitter of carbon dioxide but with new precautions, measurements and goals can lead the nations to live in a more sustainable lifestyle and contributing a sustainable livelihood.

Source:- EIA.

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