What is the market potential for internet-based connected cars in 2021?

Any innovation in product or any concept or idea has to go through the market scrutiny of how much worth does it hold and how much return on investment can be made. If the numbers result in billions then definitely it’s a win-win situation for all the hardships and the lengthy amount of time being spent on such projects. The current market is based on internet based connected cars and as the field of internet is booming, no doubt, it’s going to affect our daily lifestyle and the use of such vehicles may become prominent in such field leading to an evolutionary growth.

Source:- Strategy&; PwC

According to LMC Automotive; Oliver Wyman, the forecasted global production of autonomous vehicle in 2035 is 38 millions.

In my opinion, the engagement of autonomous vehicle in the world is going to be on high scale and by 2035, it is going to be a common vehicle to be observed on the road. The engagement will also provide huge involvement among the consumers and also provide an opportunity to experience such a vehicle live on road.

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