What is the global mobility-as-a-service market size?

Every possible idea somehow shifts the way the connections used to be among the consumers and the business players. With new inventions and improvements in the vehicle industry, the use of such vehicles also got shifted among the consumers, the shift from the personally owned vehicle towards mobility as a service has become the biggest revenue-generating market. A market in which even an autonomous vehicle is also not debarked and also an electric vehicle. The service-based revenue model not only created job prospects but also ownership of such fleet and provide service on a larger scale. The expansion has not been limited just with one idea but various new offer models and ideas. 

Source:- Ark invest

In my opinion, the market is not just a revenue generated or a profitable zone but also an accurate service provider with safety being its prime factor. The service has been a major hit in regions which lacking the females safety issues and also concerns associated with night shift. The tracking method and the information about the driver helps to track the vehicle and keep the record of the person driving the car. The market is a boom and provides an alternative method of handling the ecosystem and handle the major environmental issues.

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