Which devices can be operated with digital loudspeakers?

We know about services, the things that can be played by the devices, and the information searched in such intelligent and smart loudspeakers but what about other devices? Is it possible that the devices can be connected and operated by the digital loudspeakers? Which apparatuses are accessible via smart & intelligent loudspeakers and without major obstacles are operating?

The nine devices that are virtually assisted to use in the house and recognized in Germany are Intelligent lights, Smart speaker, multi-room entertainment systems (such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speakers), Intelligent thermostats, intelligent air conditioning or radiator, intelligent devices (e.g. Refrigerator, washing machine, or oven), Security cameras, window/door sensors, and digital door locks.

The problem is that the devices should be in the range of the digital loudspeakers and embedded with the required app or features needed for any intelligent or smart loudspeakers to operate without any hindrance. The above-listed devices also need to in accordance to the modern day-to-day technology.

Source:- Statista-Umfrage

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