Which countries are important in the battery cell production?

The race to the production of the domestic battery cell. The battle is not just between the developed countries but also between the emerging and developed countries. The countries forecasted to be dominating the market in the production of battery cells are China, the USA, South Korea, Japan, and Germany.

As per the survey report by Roland Berger and Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen Aachen in 2019, the production of battery cell will be in Gigawatt-hours,

Somehow, the Asian market is much more advanced in their strategy of cell production as compared to their western counterpart. In the manufacturing of electric cars, western countries are dominating the market with major investment but the main fuel production of such electric vehicles are in the Asian market. Are the cost and the investment in the labour including the desired skill set alters the story of the market? Is it that the technology-driven country is more skill full in a certain area of the market or the balance of the cost to labour market ratio is optimum for the western player in the case of battery cell manufacturing?

Which is riskier? Battery cell or the electric vehicle market? Which area needs more research and impromptu thinking for better innovative results to meet the desired target?

Overall, China is leading the battery cell production in the forecasted market followed up by the USA. The more countries become independent with battery fuel, the more balance and economic goal can be achieved in the worldwide market.

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