Which countries are relying on renewable energy consumption?

The race of using renewable energy as a power source among the countries has become a competition. The trend of using non-depleting source can be seen as a way of saving the planet earth and provide a nourishing environment to sustain the livelihood. The source is no doubt being coined as a rich source and a luxurious mode of transportation.

In 2019, as per a survey by BP, the top 5 countries consuming renewable energy in a higher amount are China, United States, Germany, Brazil, and India. Ironically, only two developed countries can be seen in the race of converting to renewable energy sources.

Apart from the top 5 countries mentioned above, the other countries involved in the consumption of energy source but in a significantly less amount are: — Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Sweden and South Korea.

Source:- Statista (Leading countries based on renewable energy consumption in 2019).

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