Which segment is dominated with Extended reality (XR)?

As per VR Intelligence, the survey shows that across the world, Virtual reality is mostly used in Product design & prototyping whereas the augmented reality is used mostly in sales & marketing/ external communication.

The survey was conducted in 2019, the result shows the business areas attracting the extended reality. The least area is manufacturing for virtual reality and use of augmented reality in product design & prototyping. The survey result clearly indicates that virtual reality is powerful in product design & prototype. The application clearly shows that before placing it in the real world, virtuality reality helps to realize about the product in respect to the customer and how the customization according to the likes and choices of large customer segment can help you to realize the product in a profitable scale and makes it more lucrative to be able to be sold in the world.

The value realized will be better with respect to the time and the return is much more profitable. It provides flexibility in time to space ratio. In prototype design, the role of the extended reality is prominent and shows the area where improvement lies. The designing in a virtual world with the exact and correct measurement helps in better product designing.

In my opinion, the future is not far for extended reality professionals to be employed in every different sector. The question is do we really need it in every segment or only for the luxurious segment where expenditure is high and hence, the technology helps in cutting the cost by saving the time. However, the experience cannot be underestimated.

Source:- VR Intelligence

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