Are AVs also the future for emerging countries?

The world of innovation and development is never going to end. So, does technology and its innovative ways. The AVs are going to impact the vehicle industry and technology in a way that is beyond anyone’s imagination. But are we as a world ready to adopt the technology in various parts of the world where the bare minimum income only can satisfy someone’s one-time meal?

With the growth of such technology, it indicates that a person doesn’t need a driving licence with a level 4 AVs, some way it sounds great for people who are scared of driving and just get the work done during their official assignment. It solves a lot of issues related to female safety. But, how about emerging countries? Are the countries ready to afford such technology with cool features? Is it somehow going to create a gap among the countries with advanced technologies?

A part of the major income in the developed economy is surviving on being a taxi driver. It’s no doubt creates an employment opportunity but with uber and ola, definitely created a new source of income and a skill appreciated not just for below the average income people but also qualified professional who can own something and make it a source of income for themselves.

In my opinion, emerging countries are a lucrative market for such technology as they can be turned into an efficient way of income solely relying on the car with a limited presence of a human. Can you just imagine night shift duty or night shift travelling where you can navigate freely with an AV without any fear of being harassed or any other sorts of trouble? How about morning time, in the odd hours, isn’t it easy to get an AV with just a click via the mobile app? How about navigating the time like COVID-19 where a human became a carrier? An AV provides a solution for you to travel without the fear of being infected or even be the reason for spreading any sort of disease. It saves your time and the profit in return for the time invested in such a purchase. The only thing is the cost and if it’s available in normal segment, then it can become a beneficiary hand in solving issues related to on time delivery or carry out the work with efficiency.

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