What is the market scenario of Autonomous vehicles?

As the vision of a driverless car is not just a simulation game but a reality on the road. The development of the driverless car indicates that the vehicle is going to be faced with more security issues and also need to handle by the hackers properly. A normal vehicle mainly relies on 300 lines of codes or it will contain more than 1 TB of storage whereas an autonomous vehicle is anticipated with a huge number of line of codes (function calls, user test cases, subroutines) so that it works exactly like a human driving the vehicle.

Naturally and earnestly, security is the major concern with an autonomous vehicle and a safety path helps in navigating the redundancies in a planned manner where the hardware systems are able to limit the deviant choices and are able to solidify the foundation of the driverless vehicles with interconnected wireless computing subsystem or ecosystem. It is administered safely to have the best autonomy level.

The market is also classified into different segments with respect to the user platforms and working situations. The various vehicles used with the integration of different sensors and products are combining vehicle security and also the AI chip is modified explicitly so that different analytical information can be incorporated. The vehicles include cameras, sensors, radars, LiDAR, Global position system (GPS) for surrounding infrastructure and network services such as Google Maps and Network Time Protocol and also provide a better guide in implementing a safe structure and improvements in the subsystems, frameworks, or different parts and tunnels present on the way to your destination.

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