What do you think about the Toyota E-palette concept?

The autonomous vehicle has just not opened the door for a new entrepreneur to enter the market but also use their imagination in a wide way with different concepts to be used for different utilities. Toyota E-palette provides the opportunity to have the e-commerce market directly on your door, a food truck, a party bus, or just a ride back to your home or office.

The concept is designed with a multifunctionality option but shows the world that the idea behind those wheels is limitless. The main thing is how you want to use the concept. The payment is done online and facial recognition is also used for riders to use the Toyota E-palette. The main thing to notice is the use of the internet as it is showing the possibility to be completely autonomously consumer interactive.

However, facial recognition and online payment provide a need to share your details. Even though it looks cool to see and observe how the concept is innovative and futuristic but will you share your face to use it in a scan mode and not a scan code. The major thing is its ability to use it for any purpose and promising to provide multifunctionality service is something making the task-independent and kind of its own to use it anywhere at any moment.

Source:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwUUdXfU6Xg

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