How renewable energies are effective in Germany in 2019?

The real deal of innovation and improving the convenience has not just been associated with house or vehicles but also on what kind of energy is used to run such systems. The focus is now on renewable energy source and not just limited to one way of energy source but usage of maximum number of renewable energy resources.

The top 5 share of renewable energy source used in Germany,

The top 5 renewable energy sources being sold in Germany,

As we compare the data, even though the share of biomass in renewable energy resources are not high compare to the wind energy but the selling of biomass energy as a source for gross electricity generation is high. In my opinion, investment is huge in harvesting the electricity energy from wind or solar energy resources as compare to any biomass source of energy and also the recycling of such material on a higher scale definitely helps to maintain the environment clean and sustained for the upcoming generation.

Source:- Statista

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