Why to go for electric vehicle in South Korea?

Even though China seems to leading the electric vehicle market but somehow other countries in Asia are also on the top to lead in the race of electric vehicle in South Korea. As per a survey by Rakuten Insight, the purchase intentions for electric vehicle in South Korea is 45.37% but around 54% of the people replied in No.

The negative opinion seems to be quite high for the South Korean market, which is quite a surprising attitude, the reasons collected by Rakuten Insights are: –

Now let’s see the reason for 45% of the South Korean preferring electric vehicle: –

The reasons somehow provide ample opportunity or the risks, manufacturers can think of before entering the South Korean market. So, now can you think of the factors why some of them are willing enough to pay for an electric vehicle in South Korean market.

In my opinion, South Korea is providing ample opportunity to invest into such market with good amount of incentives and reliable way of entering into a certain market with motivating incentives for electric vehicles. The attitude of South Korean shows that they are ready to pay or are willing for such amount for electric vehicles but how far they are going to turn the negative response from such people to positive is not known and how are they able to convert is also something a long way or with different technique.

Source:- Autoherald; Various sources (SK Encar); Statista.

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