Do you know the global market size for industrial robots in 2025?

Have you ever wondered of investment in industrial robots’ sectors? Do you think your investment will give you good return not just in terms of currency but also capturing the market segment leading you to become one of the pioneers in such sectors? Well, I think there is a possibility for you to delve into the depth of such powerful machinery industry and provide a strong support or be a backbone to the Automotive, Electrical/Electronic or other industrial sectors.

As per the survey conducted by Tractica, the forecasting value of such industrial robots in 2025 is expected to be generating a revenue of 6,934 million US dollars in Automotive segment, in electrical/electronic segments it is around 5,474.2 million US dollars and in some other machinery industrial segments, the revenue is worth of 5,839.1 million US dollars.

The survey result shows that the investment will yield a good return to the long-term prospects. The market size estimated for logistics automation on a global scale from 2021 to 2027 is in a billion US dollars. The rise has been speculated to be from 48.32 billion US dollars to 121.34 billion US dollars.

In my opinion, the market size of billion dollars definitely shows the need for more productions and find more segments or sectors to use industrial robots for their global operations. The market shows a good amount of opportunity for emerging countries also to compete along with other developed countries to enter or create a new sector as an auxiliary unit or also being a supplier for the components from industrial robots.

Source:- The Insight Partners; Statista (Industrial Robots).

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