What is the forecasted global market volume of driver assistance systems?

So, what do you think? Autonomous vehicles are as equally important like the electric vehicles? The market range is wide for autonomous vehicle with different competitors putting their effort in an equal amount. The market is expected to be a billion dollar worth and with stunning futuristic concept and reshaping the future, the world looks with endless possibilities with autonomous vehicles. As per a survey conducted by PwC,

In 2025, the market is expected to be a worth of around 187 billion dollars and in five years down the line, the market will grow by 43%, shows that how crucial the future will be in 10 years down the line, since the industries are being slogged by the pandemic problem (COVID-19), the future nonetheless looks surprisingly cool and innovative with more bright concept. The reshaping of industry with different concepts and design presenting the vehicle in a completely different style for the usage of customers is something worth investing. So will you invest in the shares of autonomous vehicles or driverless assistant vehicles? So, how far will you go, and what do you think, how far the market is going to last in the world of unknown horizons with exploring the world in different ways? Well, the world going through a huge recession period in the year 2008, major companies and venture collapsing and bringing the exonic situation down to a level of unknown, still then, did anyone think of Autonomous vehicles or driverless cars? Did you even think of seeing vehicles with four cameras on the top edge, but here we are waiting to explore the excitement?

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