Do you know the top 5 countries with installed renewable energy capacities?

The world is unique with its new abilities and the capabilities to eliminate the problems or the constraints created by the desire of the human world in order to gain a hold or to modernize it what has been provided to us. The need to go beyond then what we have been provided by the nature is always inevitable among the humans to avoid or not to get consummated by the desire. However, the world is not small but expanding in every way with its surrounding to maintain the balance created by the human desire and maintain a certain balance in order to allow all the species to survive at a single moment of the so-called human time.

In my opinion, emerging countries are somehow in good collaboration with the developed countries and to be in the list of top 5 shows how much the trend of renewable energies are catching up and with time the progressive nature can also be seen with a greater number of installed capacities. The trend shows that even though renewable energies are quite gaining its momentum with the current scenarios, it is definitely not going to slow down and hopefully the future can be seen running on renewable energy sources in a more affordable way.

Source:- IRENA.

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