Can social networks lead weekly news?

The world of digitalization is not just fixed with one mode of communication even in the digital world. The more you can be connected with the audience, you can increase your reach to maximum people. So, what do you think about it? Are you able to target the audience? Are you reaching your targeted audience? Do you think by expanding the targeted audience, the reach can also be expanded?

Yes, in the UK, the survey shows that social networks are not just for an app to have in your smartphone, but with proper customization and with correct use, the networking channel can be used for weekly news channels by maximizing the targets and also the reach among the citizens. Social networks are not just harmful or seen as a way of exploitation for the youth but can be used for awareness and be up to date with the current news and trends or even with the latest social trends.

However, the addiction to social networks is something a major cause of worrying, to be glue 24/7, is something that needs to be avoided or even the hoax news to be spread across the social network channels are something to be worried about or need to be taken care of.

In my opinion, the survey result shows that Facebook and Twitter are some of the most used social networking apps in the UK. The concept of getting the majority of the citizen to use their weekly news through such medium is also not something to be neglected but shows an effective path and with the proper use, can be used as a good source for the communication channel to be connected to the weekly news on apps.

Source:- Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

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