Reasons driving the green future concept

Which 5 key reasons driving the future green concept?

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Behind every new concept, driving triggers are important. The environmental green future building activity is a major theme. In 2018, a survey result shows the key reasons for driving such a concept. The five driving forces identified for the future green concept are shown below: –

Reasons driving the green future concept

The survey analysis shows the reduction in energy consumption is high. Around 66% believe it to be an important key reason. The least response has been identified for improving indoor air quality. Now, I believe, it is an important aspect.

Oftentimes, we neglect it. But most of our time is spent in indoor activity. Even for children, it can improve the quality of the lives. The more indoor air quality can be improved. The fresher air can be enjoyed.

Source:- Dodge Data & Analytics; United Technologies Corporation, Statista

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