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Are we equipped to handle natural disaster?

The life we are living is full of uncertainties but one thing we are certain that no matter what technology we develop or how much our countries are developed, we cannot terminate the natural disaster to happen or the time length for how long it is going to happen. As humanity is evolving day by day, we are becoming stronger and stronger with proper forecasting technologies, we are precautioned, proper measures are taken and also safe places are provided. But, sometimes, I wonder about a group of people who are also inhabiting with us, the tribal group.

Yes, in the 21st century, where one set of a group is fighting for sexual liberation, race acceptance, gender equality, pay equality, or even equality in education, there is a set of people who live by natural laws and within the parameter of nature. Hardly, they are in any kind of communication with the outer world, life without money but surviving with natural skills and abilities to keep themselves sustained enough, and they are not monks, practising for enlightenment.

At first, I was surprised and looked at them curiously, but this invincible people are sustaining their life under the laws of nature within the constraint with minimalistic lifestyle and even in the period of a natural disaster by developing their natural senses.

Some stats collected for natural disasters occurred in 2018.

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Source:- CRED
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Source:- CRED

The majority of the countries and continents are well-equipped to handle the situation and also provide means to sustain the after effects but can we underestimated the natural calamities, are we developing for being ended up as one of the civilization known for their hardship but ended up for not being enough to sustain.

Source:- Statista (Quality of environment in China)

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