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Which age group needs an Autonomous vehicle?

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Well, ironically, all the age groups like to experience the new type of vehicle. A new mode of traveling across the cities of different countries. But how far is it going to be effective for every age group?

A group of researchers (Kookmin University, Korea), divided the old age group into two different categories. The purpose is to identify how this particular category of aged people will benefit from Autonomous vehicles?

In the first category, the aged group has been identified with sensory and motor function vision problems. It has been found out that around 95% of aged people suffer from visual function.

The major problem such as static and dynamic visual acuities, contrast sensitivity, night vision, peripheral vision, visual scan, and glare resistance starts to deteriorate as you start aging.  

Another sensory function problem is in hearing to high-frequency stimulation.

An autonomous vehicle is much needed for such a group of aged people to reduce any kind of unknown fatalities on road. As we know, visual and hearing are the most important assets for any aged person.

Also with age, muscle strength or the speed and flexibility of the muscle contraction decreases with time. Hence, resulting in delayed response or even requiring greater effort and power in brakes or steering the wheel.

In the second category, the aged people have been grouped in cognitive function ability. The ability of attention, memory, processing information, or even making decision-making capability is crucially important for safe driving.

It has been concluded that drivers who are aged between 46 to 64 years, got trouble in dividing attention effectively as compared to young adults. Not just attention but spatial cognition that affects navigation also declines with rising age.

In my opinion, an autonomous vehicle can be seen as a benefit for these two categories of utmost. The groups are vulnerable and even they need a part of freedom or independent movement rather than relying much on the younger generation.

An autonomous vehicle or ride-sharing can be an effective answer to such problems. It is not about just safety for the person who is riding but also the people on the road.

Source:- In-vehicle technology for self-driving cars

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