How AI is influencing autonomous vehicles?

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Do you think AI can influence or have an impact on the AVs? The world is transforming from a traditional vehicle to a software-based vehicle. Which not only satisfies your need for a “car” or “status”.

But making it smarter and fuel-efficient with a prime goal of being environmentally friendly. And minimizing traffic accidents or helping the elderly people to have something of their own. 

So, in what ways, AI is supporting AVs. As per a report by Deloitte, 

  • High dynamic and complex traffic situations. 
  • A tremendous amount of data points has been collected by the sensors for interpreting the real-time scenario. Such as detection of objects, visibility reduced, natural behavior and map adjustments. 
  • Self-learning systems for processing complex amounts of new data as an input helping in mastering realistically. 
  • The human making decision process can be mimicked by the deep learning systems for making an understatement of the human interaction on the road. 
  • Predicting behavior for other road users includes vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. 
  • Key technology for AI along the automotive value chain. 

In my opinion, a key role of AI can enhance the capacity of AVs to perform a full-fledged driverless vehicle but how far the collection of real-time data is available.

Moreover, is the scenario of human behavior on an American road is going to be the same somewhere in Asian countries? The processing of information is also valuable enough to have an accurate amount of results to synthesize such vast information.

To produce a real-time effect or a scenario for AVs to function independently. Or in course of time take an independent action irrespective of the present situation unfolds. 

Source:- Deloitte.

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