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How the established automakers contributing to the autonomous vehicle market?

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Prepared for the futuristic era? Autonomous vehicle?

It’s in everyone’s mind. How well-prepared original key automakers for the advanced technology? The key skills or the strategy needed to be in the market is something that cannot be denied.

A change within the company and bring the new concept already in the newly established model. It is a huge number of changes internally, not just with the employers. But the needed resource. Or the design to be on the top list and attract the customers.

Designs do create a brand and hence create an influential market.

It cannot be denied but the buzzword with new concept and design do shift the paradigm. how the market will be? and who is attracting which customers?

Till now, Apple has been an unbeatable smartphone. The craze it attracts, and its products, even though you can cite tons of cons. And criticize or compare with a high-power well function low-cost smartphone.

Nobody can take the charisma out of it. An irreplaceable but unique concept with an awesome metallic finished body. You do find customers who are ready to pay that money to experience that uniqueness. Or be in that trend.

The contribution from VW has been more than $2 billion for the collaboration with Ford. To create a billion-dollar Autonomous vehicle market. The investment has been from Ford with a pledge of about $4 billion.

Both the groups are focusing on a partnership basis. It is to develop the autonomous vehicle technology market. Honda Motor Co joined its forces with General Motors Co for autonomous vehicles by investing $2.75 billion. In GM’s Cruise Automation, a self-driving vehicle unit.

Alphabet Inc’s GOOGL in agreements with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Jaguar Land Rover involved with negotiation to buy the AV technology. So that the vehicles equipped with its self-driving systems.

German automakers among them also collaborating. And making partnerships to support automated driving technologies such as Daimler AG and BMW.

The collaborations often produce enough monetary. And financial support for the vehicles to be in the market. But how far are you going to be in the race? Is it the money that is holding you down?

Or is it the unknown, difficult to predict future events? A move to a new domain also shows how far the profit margin will sustain, or how much will you get in return with such changes?

In my opinion, I cannot see that we are surrounded by only electric vehicle stations. And all the fuels or petrol stations eradicated. The way the whole market is turning out.

Nobody knows who will be in the business, even with the petrol stations. Or petrol pumps. A switch to a new way of fuel is something that needs to be cautious about. And often a potential threat to other business players. However, it will take time to be completely out of the old systems or the old type of fuels.

Source:- Reuters

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