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Is automated vehicle still a problem in current road infrastructure?

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As we can see from the rise of automated vehicles, traffic flow behaviors are still unknown. There are still a lot of gaps in knowledge about the road authorities and developing automated vehicles. Automated vehicles can be autonomous where the cooperation between the communication system between vehicles (V2V) along with the road-side units (V2I).

One of the best solutions considered is using cooperative technology in the field of automated and cooperative driving that got the maximum amount of positive effects and just not by using automation. The autonomous vehicle was launched with less expectation and the capabilities were limited and it was not sufficient. To have proper penetration in the market with a cooperative system and work effectively was least expected.

Road infrastructure has also been currently far problematic from being equipped with V2I communication. It is speculated that if cooperative technology is not used before launching an automated vehicle then it may lead to a traffic condition that can have a strong indication of conflicts because of the consequence of not having proper communication.

As we can see, the problem is with the lack of knowledge about the traffic condition and how the automated vehicle will perform, and how the actions and the consequences should be handled. The research on Traffic condition is getting more demand so that a thorough knowledge can be gained with proper layout of the traffic.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology 2018 by Karsten Berns et al.

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