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Autonomous driving with AMAG Group

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The latest in the line of autonomous vehicle investment is by AMAG in a Danish specialist autonomous shuttle known as Holo via its innovation lab.

AMAG Group is an automobile importer and dealer, founded in January 1945. It is a Swiss Corporate Group active in automotive trading. It is headquartered in Switzerland and the revenue generated by the company is CHF  4.7 billion in 2019.

Holo is a mobility provider with autonomous technology in pilot projects across the Nordic and Baltic regions. It is headquartered in Denmark.

AMAG group will hold a share of 33% in Holo A/S in the area of autonomous mobility and logistic solutions in Scandinavia. The shuttles from the Danish firm will be managing about 15 autonomous vehicles in public transport in Oslo as a part of the European research project Ultimo. Under the project, electric minibusses will also be deployed in Geneva.

According to Philipp Wetzel, Managing Director of the AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab, “Already a reality overseas, ever larger fleets of autonomous vehicles will also be deployed in Europe from 2023. The AMAG group could also benefit from it, in the context of financing, maintenance, and repair, or for charging services. With Holo, we have a partner for exploitation”.

In the Swiss territory, the AMAG lab will be responsible for Holo’s offers and other projects. The two companies are working together jointly to offer autonomous mobility solutions in both public and private sectors with other partners in Switzerland.

According to Helmut Ruhl, CEO of the group, AMAG,  “The AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab focuses on the business model, which is set to gain relevance in the future. With our participation in the capital of Holo, the market leader in the development and operation of autonomous mobility and logistics solutions in Scandinavia, we are expanding our skills in this area”.

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