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What is the state of Germany in autonomous driving?

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As per the German article in Automobilwoche, Germany found success in the research and development area in the case of autonomous vehicles. The current focus is on the preliminary stages of autonomous driving.

According to ADAC, the current situation involves assisted driving functions. Slowly, progress can be seen in areas of fully autonomous driving. Bosch and Daimler have already launched self-driving cars on U.S. roads on a trial basis.

A ride-sharing service has been tested by the two companies. But according to the German Automobile Association (ADAC), until 2040, fully autonomous cars cannot be seen on the road. It is still time to see vehicles on the road without drivers.

Several test sites are being built in Germany for testing automated and connected vehicles. The A9 motorway digital site has been researched and developed in the Bavarian region. Test route projects with traffic lights can be seen in Hamburg, with the ability to send information to vehicles. Between the Brandenburg Gate and Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin, there is a 3.6-kilometer stretch route. It is equipped with technology. In Lower Saxony, a test field with automated and networked vehicles for testing and driving behavior, as well as recording and analyzing traffic flow, can be seen.

It is expected that test cars on the road can be seen driven by computers with human seating for control purposes.

Source:- Automobilwoche

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