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How legally autonomous driving is acceptable?

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The whole legal system is facing problems with the new AV market. The story is quite similar to the German AV market also.

The rule for an autonomous driving vehicle to be a reality on the German roads shows that AVs need to follow the new regulations related to technical requirements, test procedures, data processing as well as actual operation.

The Av operating permit is issued by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). As per the requirement, the technical condition shows that the AV needs operate at a minimum risk condition to be independent or be supervised by a “technical supervisor” when the AV is not able to perform autonomously.

However, technical requirement such as the interruption of the radio connection was criticized strongly by Bitkom President Achim Berg. The president stated that “A radio connection is not a technical prerequisite for vehicles to be able to drive in autonomous driving mode and should therefore not be a legal requirement either.”

A new law has been passed in 2021 to allow vehicles at SAE level 4. According to the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI),  new harmonized regulations are also being pushed at an international level. The German market is not enough for Av sales and it needs to expand.

However, the liability of the newly passed regulation is still a question? As per the new amendment in 2021, liability insurance is mandatory for technical supervision and for the manufacturers to be responsible for any technical errors.

One relief with the AV law regulation is that there are no restrictions imposed on the AV to be on the road. It is limited to a defined operating area but not aimed at private transport. As per reports by BMVI, Germany may become the first country to introduce Autonomous vehicles on the road with Automated Valet parking.

The algorithm used in the AV is also being checked with human life safety. As per the Ethics Commission set by the German Government body in 2017, the red dots were cleared with all the technicalities. The definition with “minimum risk condition” was implemented for the fundamental provisions.

As it can be seen, human life comes first at any cost. The laws and the regulation are very clear with the AVs. It just needs to be seen how safe will it be in the practical world also.

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