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What is the current situation with Autonomous driving?

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Even though its concept created a massive futuristic trend as well as scope for the complete automobile industry. The complications are equally challenging for the Autonomous driving vehicle to be launched smoothly.

The legal situation for every country is different. If you don’t have the right data for Avs it is quite painful to be in the market. The countries are eagerly moving to abide by the legal jurisdictions and rights to launch the new conceptual vehicle. But which country will be the first to be launched with a full AV need to be seen.

The current leadership scenario in autonomous driving is seen to be quite tough. Tesla with its pioneer knowledge in electric vehicles as well as in AVs, Germany’s premium OEM companies such as Daimler and BMW are also preparing themselves for the next level of automated driving vehicles. The Chinese players cannot be neglected and can be seen quite capably challenging the current AV market.

The collaboration between different players from different backgrounds or similar backgrounds with expertise is also enhancing the tough competition. The power pack development with data know-how and knowledge are all playing a crucial role in the AV market.

The other tech players such as Waymo or Mobileye with sale success in Robotaxi services are also becoming a powerful driving force with system suppliers. The self-driving platforms are also expanding across the world. The new development does put pressure on the current auto taxi market.

An AV is superior due to enhanced features with the capability of a 3600 view and ensuring 100% safety by obeying the traffic rules. A gap that has not been 100% successful from the human drivers.

To achieve such a goal, the vehicle is supported by high-performance sensors, self-steering automobiles to communicate actively in a networked infrastructure. Car-to-Car real-time exchange of information or Car-to-X autonomous vehicles. Lidar, radar, and even cameras for a proper surrounding view.

It still needs to be seen the first use of the AVs in which sector? Will it be launched for public transport like the small shuttle buses that are yet to come out of their caterpillar stage? Or the private cars with expensive price tags?

Will it be used for just one particular sector or in full scale it can be used in road transport? How about the mentality of the other customers when they experience a vehicle without a driver?

Will there be panic or hesitation? How many of them will accept it on the first chance? Is there a need for the government to get their citizens well aware of the futuristic vehicle that needs to become their daily part of life?

Well, need to wait to see the reaction of the people on the road. And how well they accept the new technology on the road.

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