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Which companies are invested in Autonomous trucks?

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The world of Autonomous is quite huge every day and day. So what about the Trucks?

Do you think Autonomous trucks can solve a lot of accidental or less numb truck driver issues in the market? Or will they become a competitive force for the truck driver?

As of now, the autonomous car cannot be on the road without a driver behind its sit. The highway entry and exit need control in the cab. The truck drivers need to complete the paperwork tasks or even the invoices.

The trucks need to be unloaded or loaded with the items at the destination point. However, the journey can be smooth with the truck drivers.

  1. Embark-  The company founded in 2016, is based in San Francisco. The company developed autonomous software that lets the truck be taken care of by the system in the long haul. Whereas in the freeways to exit, the truck driver can take over the road for navigating the complex towns and cities. The Embark trucks are currently working with the Amazon trailers for the test runs.
  2. Daimler/Mercedes- They launched autonomous trucks are the future projects to be unleashed in 2025. A system used in autonomous truck vehicles is known as the Highway Pilot for navigating the highways without human resistance. The focus is on platooning technology with several trucks equipped with state-of-the-art driving supporting systems. The vehicles communicate with each other while being in a group or platoon. The trucks are assembled with the driver to assist with the safety issues and freeway exits along with other supportive works.
  3. Volvo- The company is also using autonomous platooning technology. In the test cases, the connectivity is handled by the lead truck for platooning, accelerator control, and the brakes also. However, Volvo is stretching the scenario far beyond. The autonomous Volvo FH trucks completed their mission of carrying limestones on 5Km tunnels between mine and the crusher itself. Well, Volvo is moving far beyond to make the concept a reality.
  4. Tesla-  It is well known for its autonomous solution and is one of the pioneers in the well-founded concept. The company is running multiple tests to move cargo from different locations using autonomous trucks. The autonomous trucks are also a part of their big plan along with the electric trucks.

As we can see, the investments in Autonomous trucks are not less than $600 million. It is a huge investment from each company and the industries connected to the platforms and the services provided by each of them.

Also, the integration of the software in some other company’s trucks shows the easier and more comfortable path of forming a proper symbiosis partnership. It helps in balancing the expenses associated with the new concepts. The partnership also boosts the need to balance out the competition.

Now if each of the companies launches its Autonomous truck, the market will suffer from over surplus and will lose the value and the authenticity associated with these futuristic truck concepts.

In my opinion, one of the best things is the promotion of not letting the truck drivers lose their jobs but a helping aid and support the journey in a smooth and hassle-free way. The handling of the paperwork as well as the loading and the unloading process shows the need for human surveillance over any technically enhanced vehicles.

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