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What is the top tech Brits want to improve in Autonomous vehicles?

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According to Sten Saar, CEO of commercial motor insurer Zego, “I share Britain’s amazement towards the tech that exists today, and strongly agree that development is only going to ramp up from here.”

Autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, are increasingly popular in Britain. The government is supportive of autonomous vehicle development. The UK government of 2021 also announced new regulations to allow the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads without a safety operator behind the wheel. The government also announced a £10 million funding boost for autonomous vehicle projects, with a focus on developing technology that operates in harsh weather conditions.

Waymo, FiveAI, and Oxbotica are several companies testing autonomous vehicles in the UK and developing self-driving cars to navigate through complex urban environments and interact safely with other vehicles and pedestrians.

The top tech things Brits want to improve are:

  • Cost-saving
  • Convenience
  • Security and safety
  • Time-saving
  • Sustainability

The top tech innovations Brits want to see are:

  • Window tint is automatic in the sunshine.
  • A heating system adjustment is automatic depending on how you use the room and if you are inside the room.
  • Street chargers charge the car when it is parked over them.
  • Charging electric cars inside the garage by parking on a giant pad.
  • A fully autonomous vehicle to automatically drive you to your chosen destination.
  • Autonomous public transport.
  • Around 14% of Brits would like to experience fully autonomous delivery vans for delivering packages.

Source: Mirror

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