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Do you think Autonomous vehicles can be in delivery vehicles?

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Autonomous vehicles are not just about luxury or passenger vehicles. The segment has been stretched into international delivery service vehicles, i.e., the parcel delivery vehicle.

DPD, working on the new, sustainable delivery concepts is in cooperation with partners from the technology industry to meet the purpose of the automatic electric delivery vehicle project.

It is intended for personal resources, to counteract traffic density, and promote emission reduction. The focus of the partnership is to fulfill the increasing demand for the last mile of parcel delivery.

The plan of the project is bigger than limiting it to home-to-home delivery rather than also locating the storing house for the parcels autonomously. The project is known as VanAssist.

The concept is to cover the depot distance to the delivery area. At a predefined meeting point, the delivery person gets on and hence the vehicle autonomously heads for the next predefined stopping point. The idea is the autonomous intelligent navigating vehicle is always waiting for the delivery person at the same spot to reduce the time needed for the travel to be complete.

The concept has allowed opening your horizon in an unlimited way. The market is completely taking over the traditional vehicle route. Moreover, the companies are diving into an electric autonomous vehicles more than even the traditional fuel-driven vehicle.

It will be interesting to see even such vehicles in cleaning or handling the garbage or waste disposal. If the garbage truck or the vans can also be converted into an autonomous electric vehicles. Nothing more is sustainable than such trucks or vans.

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