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Is the autonomous vehicle also entering the retail industry?

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AVs are not just for the passengers or the consumers. But also making worth entering into various other industries. Or sectors such as the retail industry. One of the hard-core industries or segments in the B2B or B2C marketplace. The delivery of the products to the consumer on time and at a cheaper cost without any hassle is always a prime goal for any retail market player.

The idea of AVs is not just for the handicapped people or the old people. But the concept has been well accepted and finding its use is limitless. Or possibilities that are beyond anyone’s imagination.

As we have seen in the case with Toyota, their new ways of bringing the AVs into the market. Their multitasking abilities are something way beyond just a normal vehicle in today’s era. Walmart is one of the examples, working with Gatik to use Autonomous vehicles for their customer orders.

Amazon and Alibaba both being leaders in their chosen domain. And rigorously implementing cutting-edge technology to keep the momentum is creating a competitive field. Among the other sectors who are customer-oriented to also be in sync. The latest technological trends and the various other technical services such as industrial robots or AVs for mass services.

The strategy of well-established players making partnerships with the start-ups. Is also helping the start-ups to increase the growth opportunity for both of them from an economic and technical perspective.

Gatik is able to raise a fund of about $4.5 million by leading venture capitals like Innovation Endeavours. With Dynamo Venture Capital, AngelPad, Fontinalis Partners, and Trucks Venture Capital. Walmart also announced a partnership with other AVs such as Surprise, Ariz, and also Udelv (California autonomous car start-up).

In my opinion, the AV market is a billion-dollar market. With its online retail companies marking its way. And conquering the market in near about every way is something letting the other industry knows.

That it is not just with the drones or delivery robots. But also the way you can deliver your items. Or helping to deliver the object on time with approachable methods such as faster service. But within the less time.

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