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What obstruction Autonomous vehicles are facing in India?

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The automobile industry is considered one of the largest markets in the world. The growth of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles is low compared to other developed nations. The problem is also just about the market demand but also the legal constraint that seems not a smooth road for AVs to be launched immediately.

The following challenges by Autonomous vehicles in India are:-

  1. The livelihood has been under scrutiny due to the autonomous vehicle. The fear among the government officials is the loss of jobs in a high amount due to Robo Taxi or AVs. The day-to-day earnings of cabs or personal drivers are at high risk.
  2. One of the primary issues in India is the limit of the availability of proper infrastructures due to potholes, untarred roads.
  3. The law and regulation are not strictly followed. Reluctance towards the regulations in the country, jaywalking, driving on the wrong lane, overspeeding, red lights jumping are some of the common problems and issues.
  4. The problems with animals roaming in the highways, rural areas, and big cities or around the street corners. The cart pulling or even herds are a major problem on the road.

In my opinion, the traffic following or the rules to be followed strictly is needed for any AV to be successful. Even the problem with no traffic lights for pedestrians are major obstacles for AV to have a smooth drive. It is challenging for AVs to drive on certain roads in India due to a lack of proper road mapping or instruction.

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