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Are Autonomous vehicles 100% safe?

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A question that has become a debate among the top pioneers of the autonomous vehicles industry? Is it possible to deliver something to the consumer market that is 100% safe?

With several testing vehicles being subjected to a variety of crashes. It’s remained a question of how safe AVs are, as per the slogan stated by the major billion dollars companies? And can we cultivate compassion for the robot taxi which is automatically shown for a fellow driver?

The four major Startups from the US, Waymo, Cruise, Aurora, and TuSimple are already on the road for testing their full driverless vehicles. The driverless vehicle valuation shows the companies are billion-dollar amounts.

The company valuation of Waymo (Major shareholder Alphabet) and Cruise (Owned by General Motors) both touched 30 billion US dollar line whereas Aurora and TuSimple are recorded to be roughly 10 billion US dollars.

One of the important aspects of pitching their driverless vehicles is no need to own the car but experience the new technology for the younger generation.

Waymo and Cruise are the only companies in Arizona, US started their driverless autonomy level 4 vehicles as a robot fleet on the road already.

As per the experts from the transport sectors, the trucking industry is valued to be $4 trillion globally and, in the US, the market is worth $800 billion. A huge market for the TuSimple and Aurora.

Aurora is backed up by Uber. tuSimple became the first driverless truck fleet going public on the US road. tuSimple to be precise, got a valuation of $8.5 billion.

Aurora is mainly tied up with Paccar, Toyota, and Volvo for the truck vehicles on the road with their integrated technology to fully operate as level 4 Autonomous vehicles.

As the market is competitive. The truck market no doubt uses the benefit of having to experience less traffic on the road. But definitely, the main challenges will be the night driving and how they cooperate in any emergency cross roading situations.

But what about 100% safe. Something has not been guaranteed with any technology till today. The risk of not having any driver support behind the wheels is beyond anyone’s imagination. Even for heavily loaded trucks, it’s a huge betting on the roads with expensive items.

Will it become an adrenaline rush game to experience by the passengers or the truck owners? Or will it be a solution to the real traffic or fatal accidents on the road?

What about the Indian market? With a large population, will it suffocate the earnings of the drivers hugely? Are we ready to replace the truck drivers or the passenger car drivers with level 4 technology?

As the market is explored by the taxi fleets also? Will the Autonomous vehicle find its major consumer market in emerging countries? Or will it become a challenge to replace, sometimes, the only bread earner for a below poverty families?

Source:- WSG

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