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What is important about AUTOSAR’s partnership in the autonomous vehicle market?

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The big accomplishment of the AUTOSAR partnership is to bring the leading companies from the automotive and software industry on a platform for developing and establishing a standardized software framework and also an open E/E system architecture for intelligent mobility.

AUTOSAR’s prospect promises the establishment of global standards for future mobility. AUTOSAR with its 30 partners across the globe got the potential to vastly bring the needed standardization.

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One of the crucial factors addressed by AUTOSAR is to provide safety in autonomous vehicles and that has been handled with care from small-scale trials to broad-scale commercial deployment.

The safety of autonomous vehicles when on the roads and highways or acting appropriately to tackle any million incidents and accidents are the major issues that standardization can bring out.

The million of incidents and scenarios are used for training AVs and identified to manage them for developing a simple solution to identify complex scenarios.

Another factor for AV developers is to have the standards or protocols to prove to the insurers, regulators or the public that the vehicles are safe and secure to use.

The crucial areas where AUTOSAR can play a significant role. The company coalesced with a powerful group of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with a clear remit and ambition focusing on safety. The partnership is focused on setting the standard and securing goals and paths.


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