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Which countries are more active in AVs in Eastern Europe?

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Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic are among the nations in Eastern Europe that are thought to be more active in the deployment of autonomous cars. With experiments and pilot projects being conducted in places like Warsaw, Bucharest, and Prague, these nations have shown interest in integrating autonomous cars into their public transit networks.

With several colleges and businesses focusing on technology, Poland is one of the most active nations in the area when it comes to autonomous vehicle research and development. In Polish cities like Poznan and Gdansk, there have been numerous successful pilot programs for autonomous shuttles and buses, and the government is encouraging the growth of these programs through financing and laws.

With various pilot projects being conducted in places like Timisoara and Bucharest, Romania is also showing an increasing interest in autonomous cars. A number of technology firms that are developing autonomous vehicle technologies are located in the nation, which also has a robust automotive sector.

Numerous pilot projects are being conducted in locations like Prague and Brno as part of the Czech Republic’s involvement in the development of autonomous cars. The Czech Republic’s government is sponsoring and enforcing legislation to encourage the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology.

However, other nations like Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovakia have also expressed interest in autonomous cars and are beginning to invest in the technology. These are the most active nations in Eastern Europe in terms of research and development for autonomous vehicles.

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