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What four reasons may turn down the benefits of AVs?

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Yes, it is surprising to know AVs maybe not beneficial as it seems to be. The way companies are gearing up for the latest technology.

The automakers are joining hands with other leading experts from sensors to other auxiliary specialized companies. The technology is advanced. But how about the acceptance of such technology among adult drivers.

The experience always matters in the case of driving, the more you are on road, you are practically able to handle difficulties in a major way. What about the adjustments with such adult drivers?

Are they willing to adapt to a new way of technology? Learning such ADAS equipped vehicle is not a one-night event. It takes time even for adult drivers to change themselves to a new way of driving.

The four reasons identified by the researchers that may lead to the downfall of Autonomous Vehicles are: –

  1. There is a high probability of the users failing to use the AV devices correctly. Hence, failing to get the driver safety benefits.
  2. It cannot be denied, that once you are assured of well-advanced safety technology in your vehicle, drivers like to experience much greater risk than without the technology. A desire to push through the risky boundaries.
  3. Another important view is the older drivers who are experience din driving cautiously than the younger ones may experience rejection with the system due to high amount of false alarm rates.
  4. An important pattern also needs to be seen on the impact of the driving behavior. The drivers will develop a very new behavioral pattern with the new autonomous technologies.

In my opinion, a major impact will be with the driving behavior. As of today, we got a lot of varieties within the automobile industry. Each vehicle comes with a set of new driving styles.

An AV driver will always have different driving skills than driving a conventional vehicle. Even electric or hybrid vehicles are driven in a different pattern with less amount of gear or do not need a clutch.

Something with time can be seen whether drivers can get used to such type of driving.

Source:- In-vehicle technology for self-driving cars

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