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How Autonomous are brits?

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Autonomous has taken a toll on part of the world. Every country wants to explore the latest technology, which was possible only in Sci-Fi movies or comics. So what about the brits?

As per Mirror, brits are interested in autonomous public transport, robotic delivery vehicles, and taxi drones.

As per Sten Saar, CEO of commercial motor insurer Zego, “I share Britain’s amazement towards the tech that exists today and strongly agree that development is only going to ramp up from here.

In another study, the following result was found:-

Brits thought about Autonomous transport

What technology are they interested in?

No Data Found

According to OnePoll, autonomous cars improve road safety. It includes vehicles with lighter materials to reduce the impact of the crash. Most Brits prefer an electric vehicle with no exhaust fumes emission.

As per Sten Saar, “63% of people expect to see lower insurance premiums as technology advances.” “57% of them believe insurance companies could offer better products and services if they invested more in technology.”

“As energy sources and automated vehicles advance, at Zego we firmly believe the insurance sector needs to match the pace to make our 2040 vision of safer, more sustainable mobility become a reality.”

Brits are very much into a fully autonomous vehicle that can drive you to your chosen destination.

In my opinion, the autonomous vehicle attracts mostly for its technological advancement. As we get to see a lot of test drives on the road. It is amazing and something that nobody would have thought about it to become a reality.

Even though, each manufacturer is selling with added features and with lots of benefits that you can do when you got an AV. But the USP is its technology. The most technically advanced vehicle that anybody can even think about or have imagined.

AV is something Apple brought into the world of technology. It is smart, futuristic, stylish, and sexy technical upgrades that cannot be avoided.

Source:- Mirror

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