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Can accidents be minimized by automated vehicle?

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In most cases, traffic accidents happen due to driver’s fault. If the driver is not in proper health or mental condition, it can lead to hazardous events which may result in the untimely death of the passenger or any unfaithful calamity.

Automated vehicles are mostly designed to avoid such a situation where they can take care of such a crucial situation by properly detecting and sensing other vehicles. One thing is true that drivers can sense near-accidents-like situations and are able to alleviate any such measures to avoid such fatal accidents for example by warning or actions like performing evasive.

In the vicinity of an automated vehicle on a weaving section, it is really unclear how fast an automated vehicle can react to such a situation.

It is unclear even with the drivers that whether they can distinguish behavior between drivers of regular behavior but it has been provided with options like car horn usage, movement evasively within its own lane, braking action, and evasive maneuver into other lanes.

Sources:- Commercial Vehicle Technology 2018 by Karsten Berns et al.

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