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Can an automated vehicle be manipulated?

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The hypothetical situations are, if an automated vehicle, can be taken advantage of by other drivers. An automated vehicle can be seen and understood easily by a conventional driver and it is completely possible that not rightfully the driver tries to force its way into the right way of an automated vehicle.

As per a study conducted by Simeon C. Calvert et al., an automated vehicle will be in an unhealthy situation where it may lead to a situation that is unsafe. It may be possible that visually an automated vehicle cannot be recognized by the driving style is often recognized.

So, it clearly gives the impression that the driving style of an automated vehicle is completely recognizable. Is it something to worry about?

For automated vehicle software, it can become a difficult case to set up a vehicle as one cannot claim its unconditional right of way. Conflict protocol can be developed that allows an automated vehicle to a certain point to be claimed rightly and resulting in yielding into a situation that may be dangerous.

But safety will always remain a concern as far as possible.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology 2018 by Karsten Berns et al.

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